A Council of Elders, wise spirits of both male and female energies, is present the majority of the time during the life review there to help support the new spirit energy as it looks at all of the events that took place in its lifetime. Council of Elders (A Series of Unfortunate Events), a fictional organizationCouncil of Elders (Malaysia), a group of eminent Malaysians advising the current Malaysian government Council of Elders of the Bundestag (Germany), a joint deliberative body Council of Five Elders, a form of government in feudal Japan The ephors preside over the gerousia ('council of elders'), a body which is aptly named since all thirty members, apart from the two kings, have to be over the age of sixty. Upon reconvening open session, the Council undertook a review of the work and recommendations of the Committee Review Task Force. Gerousia, in ancient Sparta, council of elders, one of the two chief organs of the Spartan state, the other being the apella (assembly). When there is a vacancy in the council of elders, it is filled by a vote of the assembly - in which every citizen has a voice. As the cases of COVID-19 surpass 11 million in the nation, and the number of deaths approaching 248,000, the nation’s Black communities continue to suffer disproportionately. Health disparities have … Council of Elders may refer to: . At 9 a.m. Robert Dick convened the final day of this session of Council meetings, calling on Clyde Kilough to open with prayer. There was also a Grand Council composed of district chiefs. The Council started the day with a brief executive session. 2 min read. Council of Elders Meeting Report December 12, 2006 - Cincinnati, OH . The council was made up of band chiefs, elders, and community leaders thought leaders. Once elected, they serve for life. Wichita African American Council of Elders Launches “#FACTSNOTFEAR” Outreach Campaign to Curtail the Spread of COVID-19 November 17, 2020 12:13 PM Eastern Standard Time This place I have come to call the shower of healing is only a prelude for the rehabilitation of returning souls. Most people chose this as the best definition of council: The definition of a counc... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.