To lose myself in her so I can find myself again—even if just for a minute. Haddie’s heels are off and her feet are curled underneath her. Author: K. Bromberg. I’ve never let someone this far in because that means secrets are shared and pasts are discovered. She’ll know how horrible and dirty and unworthy I am. An opportune way for the man who always gets what he wants, to well, get what he wants. I stand on the fringe of the crowd, watching the action and reflecting a bit on what a good job we’re doing here with these boys. Ironman. His admission causes his comment from several weeks ago to float into my head. “Fuuuccckkk!” I grit out again, trying to get a hold on the chaos in my head. Rylee. Author: K. Bromberg. I don’t need anyone’s damn pity. “And nobody, except me, ever tells him no.”, “That’s absurd,” I tell him, looking over at Haddie, who’s arched her eyebrow at the turn in conversation, a pleased smirk on her lips. I promise.”. That’s all she cares about. “I love you, Colty. Is this what I want? Did I hurt her? I can see the pain in his eyes. Don’t even bother...” he shakes his head “...he’s gonna fuck up, Rylee. “Um…I don’t think it’s a good idea…The House isn’t the best place to…” I fumble with the words. You didn’t mean to with that skank, but you did with all of the others of your BBB that you fucked while trying to win me back? Do this for Mommy and I’ll love you again, okay? I remember all too well what happens when I do that. I’ve only ever needed myself—needing others only results in pain. I love you…” I repeat over and over, endlessly as his breath picks up from the excitement my words bring him. Beckett leans forward resting his elbows on his knees and looks me straight in the eye. I stop mid-motion at his words. Telling people we’ll be in Vegas by ten, to get their asses there, and to meet him at the usual place.”, The usual place? To my carefully constructed life and way of coping. “I love you. “Don’t, Rylee. She says my name in that telephone sex rasp of a voice she has, and I almost cave. I lose myself in them to block everything out.” He hangs his head for a second as my mind tries to grasp the shock waves his words create. Series: Driven #2. Tawny. “When that happens, Rylee, more than anything he’s going to need you to be his lifeline. I lean my head back, closing my eyes, and try to shove the memories back into hiding to no avail. Pretending it was me you wanted? I drop my toothbrush with a clatter on the counter and cup some of the water in my hands to splash onto my face. Praying any of these four superheroes will show up and rescue me. “You made it clear from the beginning what was between us. Shit,” he swears, running a hand over his jaw and leaning back shaking his head. So accusatory. His payment. In unspeakable horrors. Keep your grades up and I will. “Thank you,” I tell him, my voice barely a whisper as I try to digest everything he’s just told me—everything I wanted to ask him but was afraid to. He groans into my ear—my fear exciting him—as the tears leak through my squeezed eyelids. If this is real, and that’s really Rylee, then why do I still smell him? Someone to spend time with. authors: a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z. I’m so hungry, so weak from the lack of food while Mommy has been away on her last trip that I tell myself to not resist. My mind is racing. It is recommended that this companion be read after Driven, Fueled, and Crashed. I love you. Beckett eyes hold mine until he knows I understand. Bare legs sticking out beneath my rumpled t-shirt, smudged eyeliner, hair tangled from sleep, and a crease in her cheek from the pillow do nothing to lessen her attraction. Not what I think?” I say, raising my voice. You fucked her, Colton. To accept that there might be more than just the usual arrangement per se with you—and by you being here, there obviously is—he might just pull you down so that you’re drowning with him.” He shifts some in his seat, eyes never breaking from mine. So sarcastic. I realize that Beckett is telling me I am the first female to tell Colton no. Oh God. He’s going to make a lot of mistakes and say all of the wrong things because he doesn’t know how to do anything other than what he’s been doing.”, Beckett takes a pull on his beer and sighs. Because if he matters to you like I think he does…really matters…not just for the recognition of being with him, but because of who he is, then you need to hear it. But I’m not falling for it this time. Fuckin’ Christ! What is she doing here? “He may not always go about things the right way, or even know how to go about them at all, but he usually has the best intentions behind his actions.” When I don’t say anything he just nods and continues. K. Bromberg - Fueled. I can love the broken in him, but I can’t accept the lies any more. The heat of his body against my back—always against my back—makes tears spring in my eyes that I fight to prevent. This can’t be real. My nerves are shot. I stare at him, realizing that he has definite sex appeal, more than looks. My eyes trace down her face, and I watch her bottom lip tremble. I repeat the names of the superheroes, my silent escape from this hell. My head is reeling with his confession. chapter 3 - Fueled (Driven #2) by K. Bromberg. Author: K. Bromberg I inhale deeply; glad to be saved because I don’t think I’d made my mind up on what to do just yet. The nightmare full of things that absolutely no one knows about. I slide down to lean back against the tiled wainscot wall, the cool of the marble welcome against my heated skin. Better to lose her now then when she bolts after finding out the truth. I tell myself not to resist as his thickening thing presses against my bottom. The more you talk, the more I’m really starting to realize I don’t know you at all.”, © 2013-2014 Free Novels Online, a not-for-profit organization. Fuck! Hurt consuming every fiber of my being. To tell you I believed you.” I shake my head in defeat, and I start to walk away but turn back. Try to protect my heart from further devastation even though it’s crying in protest over what I’m about to do. Gee, you're really building the foundation of a great relationship here.” He tries to interrupt me, but I just hold up my hand to stop him. I repeat the mantra to myself as his bearded jaw scrapes against my neck from behind. Pain staggers through my chest as I focus on trying to breathe—on trying to think—but he just keeps talking. This can’t be real. “Oh fuck,” I exhale on a shaky breath, unclenching my hands and bringing them up to rub them over my face to try and wipe away the nightmare. His rough fingers find the waistband of my threadbare underwear—one of the only pair I have—and I hear them rip under his excited and jerky movements. CHAPTER 1 . She needs the drugs he’ll give her when he’s done with me. I stare at him, the best friend of my lover, and there is so much I want to ask him about Colton. Read more type of book at online reading novels for free and for good. You can.” I scream at him. I think your choice is pretty fucking obvious. His eyes pierce into mine. Love means you do things like this. I told him I loved him. But why? So many emotions swarm in her violet irises, and yet it’s the pity that sets me off, that allows me to grab on to it and use it as my piss-poor excuse for what I’m about to do. She very slowly reaches her hand up to rub the opposing shoulder, her face grimacing with pain, but her eyes are chock full of concern as they remain focused on me. Colton stands a few feet from me, hands shoved deep in his pockets, shoulders hunched, eyes utterly apologetic. Feel the pain? I’m curious as to what’s written in the card and my sight focuses on Colton’s as a shy smile spreads across his lips, and he shakes his head, “Seriously, Shane.”.