Take a class: (d) A person who prepares or packages cottage food products shall complete a food processor course instructed by the department to protect the public health within three months of becoming registered. Remember when your restaurant operation was inspected for the food service license? Was this document helpful? Starting in January 2013, Assembly Bill 1616 (also known as AB-1616) California’s “cottage food law” allowing certain food products to be made and sold to certain people in certain quantities went into effect! Starting in January 2013, Assembly Bill 1616 (also known as AB-1616) California’s “cottage food law” allowing certain food products to be made and sold to certain people in certain quantities went into effect! [CDATA[ Program page. This is a quick and easy way to make a suggestion, compliment a member of our staff or share an idea with us. UpCounsel’s article about choosing between an LLC and a corporation. and distribution of food products in California. After working in restaurants, Sam switched gears. On this page, I attempt to distill those certain nuances to answer the question: Can I sell the food I’m making at home in California? f{���H�ZɱL~�o�d&��"���HNW �8��]{D�� Remember that these requirements vary based on locality, so be sure to double check with local laws. This way, resale certificates prevent the double collection of sales tax on these types of products; rather than collecting sales tax on the product when you buy it, it's collected when your customer buys it. It takes time for each and every one to be approved. "); Using your home for a food business is a huge commitment in keeping clean, complying, and having space to make and store your food. The FDA has specific training resources for employee health and foot protection. The cost to renew existing Food Vendor Permits is $350. Warehouses (b) This list of nonpotentially hazardous foods shall include, but not be limited to, all of the following: (1) Baked goods without cream, custard, or meat fillings, such as breads, biscuits, churros, cookies, pastries, and tortillas. baked goods, Driver’s License: Since you will be driving the food truck or trailer, you will need a valid state driver’s license where you operate the business. (e) Increased opportunities for entrepreneur development through microenterprises can help to supplement household incomes, prevent poverty and hunger, and strengthen local economies. Unable to subscribe. From the peaks of the eastern hills to the city's pristine shoreline, 150,000 people call Hayward home and nearly 65,000 pursue their education in the Heart of the Bay. WHAT DOES IT COST?The cost for an initial Food Vendor Permit application is $700. noodles, processed fresh vegetables, seafood, snack foods, dietary supplements, A "business friendly" location isn't enough; you need a partner who shares your goals. These are only some of the primary licenses and permits restaurants must acquire to open and operate legally. “Her book is a straightforward, accessible manual for everything from gut-checking on whether a food startup is really for you to defining your vision and strategy and selling and marketing your own good food.” (, Good Food, Great Business : How to Take Your Artisan Food Idea From Concept to Marketplace, Japanese Translation of Good Food, Great Business, Book for Trader Joe’s Fans: TJ’s Then & Now, Chocolate Chip Cookie School (for curious kids), 2020 SPECIAL – Signed Book & 1 Hour Consulting, Your Success On My Mind – Ongoing Advisor, Specialty Food Marketing & Strategy Services, My Oakland Airbnb – Central to the Bay Area Food Scene, Nutless Professor – Creative Healthy Snacks, California Homemade / Cottage Food Law AB 1616 compared to Microenterprise Kitchen Operation Law AB 626, Find Affordable Food Business Freelancers for Branding, Website, Social Media…, Compare California Homemade / Cottage Food Law to Microenterprise Kitchen Operation Law AB 626, California residents can legally sell prepared meals made at home, What Home-based Food Businesses Should Know For Cottage Food Success, How to Start a Home-Based Preserves Business, SECTION 1 of the bill lays the case out well. How to get a food service license So not to overcomplicate things (whoever said that about licenses and permits, huh?) Click here to find your local requirements. Want High Quality, Transparent, and Affordable Legal Services? It is important to let your insurance provider know about the additional risks your food truck might pose, such as carrying a pizza oven or multiple propane tanks. Your building might also have to be inspected for the building health permit, if your state requires it, especially if you're building an establishment from the ground up. The location will be subject to periodic health inspections to ensure the location is sanitary. When applying, you'll need the name of your restaurant, an address for a permanent kitchen facility (even for food trucks), and the owner's personal information. Business License Cost: There is often a cost of registration of approximately $50 as well as the actual cost of the license, which can range from $25 to $7,000 depending on the type of business and expected business profit. Español, - (g) Even some bake sales are currently illegal in California. Specialty Food Strategy Consulting | About Susie Wyshak | Popular Food Business Articles | Good Food, Great Business Book | Press, Copyright 2018 Susie Wyshak ~ powered by Bluehost & Wordpress. Certificate of Occupancy Cost: Typically $100. No need to spend hours finding a lawyer, post a job and get custom quotes from experienced lawyers instantly. If you plan to host live events in your restaurant or bar, then you will need to apply for a live entertainment license. Google "your state" and "building health permit" to learn more about your specific state's procedures and policies regarding the building health permit. The exact laws and regulations for each license are often specific to different cities, counties, and states. } How to Get a Sign Permit: Often, outdoor signs need to be approved by your local government. PFR certificates are also required for general food warehouses. Additionally, to the extent permitted by federal law, the label shall include, but is not limited to, all of the following: There are two classes of licensing — which opens up possibilities for selling beyond the direct-to-consumer. For non-labeled / packaged items: SEC. } My take: Unless you have a very high margin food, meaning you can make it for almost nothing and demand a good price when selling, e.g. In addition to following the labeling rules in 114365.2, consider following the. If your restaurant sells alcohol, you will need to obtain a federal business license and a state business license. Use Access Hayward to make sure your question is routed to the right person and handled properly by our team. the instructions outlined on page two of the application.