Even though this giallo can't possibly reach the brilliance-level of nearly every other Bava film (the list is enormous, with "Black Sabbath, Kill Baby…Kill", "Blood and Black Lace, "Black Sunday"…), it's a light-headed and often ingenious effort. The dialogs are weak yet almost the entire film is foreseen of a jazzy soundtrack, which actually makes "5 Dolls for an August Moon" Bava's most swinging horror movie (the über-cool "Danger: Diabolik" is falls into a class of its own). Overall, Five Dolls for an August Moon is enjoyable enough and certainly not the worst film that Mario Bava put his name to (Dr.Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs anyone?) An incomprehensible but sporadically beautiful mess. Cinematography by Antonio Rinaldi, who did more films with Bava. | My thanks to Image Entertainment for this great-looking DVD of a film never released theatrically here in the U.S. Well, whether doing a frenzied dance number in gold lame bell-bottoms and matching brassiere or strutting around in various states of undress, this luscious Eurobabe does not disappoint. For completists only. Directed by Mario Bava. Edited USA version , All plot lines missing ! © 2009-2020 Flickering Myth Limited. The investors want a formula from the inventor and are willing to pay big for it but he does not want to sell out. The image is sharp and film-like, and does not suffer from aggressive digital processing - as some other Bava films have. Superbly stylish sets, photography and direction in Bava's quint-essential interpretation of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians; he turns it into a corny slasher movie. And yet, I found plenty to like about this murder-filled affair. If anything, it is where you may want to end. It won't. in one case the Kino version to me is far preferable for not having the "original" audio -- Black Sabbath on their blu ray -- as it has the original far superior Boris Karloff dialogue! (Since the actors spoke several different languages – Italian, French and English – there is no real original-language cut of the film, although an Italian version was previously available on DVD.) Not for the Faint of Heart: The Most Shocking Movies of All Time, Ten Controversial Movies and the Drama Around Them, The Most Iconic Cult Classics of All Time, The Most Obscure and Underrated Slashers of the 1980s, The Gruesome Brilliance of 1980s Italian Horror, LEGO unveils new Ghostbusters: Afterlife ECTO-1 set, The tragic story behind the death of Brandon Lee on the set of The Crow. The host George releases his yacht and crew to stay alone in the island with his wife, guests and the young woman Isabel (Justine Gall). A small group of hip and debauched rich swingers are invited to a remote island for some rest and relaxation by wealthy industrialist George Stark (a perfectly smarmy Teodoro Corra). It also taught me an important lesson: if you invent a new chemical process, don't go to a rich industrialist's vacation island. If I refrain from doing so in the case of FIVE DOLLS it is because the image quality is absolutely stunning, and the audio commentary by Tim Lucas is also truly first-rate. Recently talking about Giallo queen Edwige Fenech on IMDbs Classic Film board,I decided that it was time to watch a Fenech Gialli for the first time.Taking a look at a box set of auteur film maker Mario Bava,I spotted a collaboration that he had made with Fenech,which led to me staying up for the August moon. Weird, Flawed and Silly Black Humor Comedy, Corny, stylish slasher movie with unique 70s atmosphere, A deliciously campy variant on "Ten Little Indians". 5 Dolls for an August Moon has been released on DVD as part of Image Entertainment's Mario Bava Collection. The story concerns a bunch of unscrupulous wealthy investors, at one's their summer home, trying to get a professor to sell his groundbreaking new formula by any means necessary. It also deliberately doesn’t display a lot of his hallmarks as the kills are all made off-screen and we only ever see the aftermath, and when you have the stunning softcore actress Edwige Fenech in your cast and only hint at a bit of nudity with some carefully lit scenes and clever use of shadow (although thanks to the magic of Blu-ray you get to see more than you did on DVD or VHS) then you must be doing it to prove a point. My feet stink! Fritz refuses to sell his formula and while on the beach, Isabel surprisingly shoots him on the head; however his body is not found. If you love 70's style then this oozes it and looks fantastic with a cast of beautiful ladies and 70's dudes. Flickering Myth Rating – Film: ★ ★ ★ / Movie: ★ ★ ★, Filed Under: Chris Ward, Movies, Reviews Tagged With: Edith Meloni, Edwige Fenech, Five Dolls For An August Moon, Helena Ronee, Howard Ross, Ira von Fürstenberg, Justine Gall, Mario Bava, Maurice Poli, Teodora Corrá, William Berger. ); and the picture, though not as graphically violent as, say, Bava's "Twitch of the Death Nerve" (1971), still provides some grisly moments. If anyone looking for a great story from a Bava film is missing the point. For this alone, it would normally receive a one or two star deduction in my book. Bava Plus Edwige...What's Not To Like?!?!?! Acting was alright. The lack of suspense and tension was so monotonous that it took me five nights to finish it, and afterward, I felt completely cheated. A film where everyone is a suspect and a victim. Review: Five Dolls For an August Moon (1970) So this is a Mario Bava film, and one that I'd never heard of. Still, the mesmeric use of zooms, focus pulls, and tracking shots and the stylish use of colour ensures that, from an entirely aesthetic perspective, this film never becomes boring, and as an auteur piece, is well worth a watch. Diabolik and Black Sabbath, and some that are simply wonderful kitsch. It is also the ONLY blu ray of this great film available, so I applaud Kino in hopes they'll come out with more of the same. While this movie may not be for everyone, if you're a fan of Bava, Edwige, or … I only though this movie was meh before - now it really glows and throbs with wondrous color (ditto Kino's BAY OF BLOOD), Reviewed in the United States on September 19, 2013, It's extremely unfortunate that Kino has chosen to release this Mario Bava film (as well as others) on Blu-Ray without the option of hearing it in Italian with English subtitles, especially since the release of a number of these works on region 2 has made it clear how readily available such options appear to be. The camera work is excellent and the decor of the sets is a grand slice of 70's goodness, but this script and plot is laughable. Mario Bava arguably created the giallo; that very Italian brand of horror/thriller that combined psychosexual undertones with astonishingly beautiful women, a killer with black gloves, and penis-shaped weapons. My introduction to "giallo goddess" Edwige Fenech. You won't regret it, especially not if you miss the typical tastelessness of the 70's. Bava believed this was one of his worst films. Bava pulls off the odd visual flourish, but such scenes never gel together.