This recipe is based on quite a few blueberry recipes on this subreddit. Get the details and spice up your recipes with this simple and easy hot sauce recipe … The thing I like most about hot sauce recipes is that you can play with the ingredients, adding, removing, or substituting peppers to your liking. See more ideas about hot sauce recipes, stuffed hot peppers, sauce. The world’s hottest pepper is the Carolina Reaper, which beats the Scorpion Pepper and the Ghost Pepper on the Scoville Scale,is the peppers guinness world records .One of the best uses of this pepper is to make really spicy hot sauce that tastes fantastic, especially when it is homemade! Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Recipe. For many of you with gardens out there, this is the season of harvesting. The result was a thick and extremely hot sauce with a hint of sweetness. Full of healthy probiotics, this easy recipe has many health benefits. This is the hottest banana you’l ever taste! This Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce is spicy, hot, and will make you sweat! Saved from Nov 12, 2020 - Explore Richard Hobkirk's board "Carolina reaper hot sauce recipe" on Pinterest. Just kidding, it’s a hot sauce recipe that uses the sweetness from the banana and the heat from the Carolina Reaper pepper! This recipe can be used for any peppers, but we start with the world’s hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper. September 2020. It’s fermented using lakto bacteria. 5 Caronlina Reapers. How to make your own homemade Hot Sauce. World’s Hottest Pepper – carolina reaper hot sauce recipe. Plus it just tastes good! Ingredients: 16 Trinidad Scorpion (Red and purple) 8 Ghost peppers. .. Learn how to make a fermented hot sauce - a simple way to enhance and preserve your abundance of garden chilies to use throughout the winter.